Sour Punch Recipes

Witch Finger Cupcakes Halloween Cupcakes with Sour Punch Rad Reds Candy Bites

Sour Punch Witch Finger Cupcakes Recipe

Witches and warlocks beware! These Witch Finger Cupcakes featuring Sour Punch Rad Red Bites are devilishly delicious and super fun to make. Add them to this year's Halloween treat line up!
Sour Punch Spider Cupcakes with Sour Punch Strawberry Straws Candy

Sour Punch Spider Cupcakes Recipe

Not all spiders are scary! In fact, some are delicious. Featuring Sour Punch Strawberry Straws as the legs, give these scrumptiously silly Spider Cupcakes a try.
Sour Punch Funnel Cake Recipe

Sour Punch Funnel Cake Recipe

This recipe puts the "fun" in Funnel Cake! Gather your ingredients and prepare for a spunky springtime indulgence featuring SOUR PUNCH Easter Bites.
American Flag Cake Recipe with Sour Punch Blue Raspberry Bites Candy

Sour Punch American Flag Cake Recipe

Red, white, blue, and tasty as can be! This American Flag Cake features Sour Punch Blue Raspberry Bites as the stars atop your favorite kind of cake (the batter choice is yours)!
Tropical Chia Pudding Parfait Recipe with Sour Punch Tropical Bites Candy

Sour Punch Tropical Chia Pudding Parfait Recipe

Fresh fruit flavors and tropical vacation vibes make up these Tropical Chia Pudding Parfaits! Inspired by Sour Punch Tropical Bites, you don't want to miss this tasty summertime treat.
Sour Punch Rice Krispy Presents holiday candy recipe

Sour Punch Rice Krispy Presents Recipe

Give the gift of delectable Rice Krispy Presents featuring Sour Punch holiday candy. Open the present for a sweet surprise and then munch merrily on the whole thing!
Sour Punch Candy and Tajín Recipe Kit with Sour Punch Assorted Bites and Tropical Candy Bites

Sour Punch and Tajín® Recipe

Tajín® it like you mean it! In just a few simple steps, create your own unique candy bursting with sweet, savory, and sour flavors
Sour Punch Valentine Bark with Sour Punch Rad Reds Bites Candy and Sour Punch Chewy Candy Hearts

Sour Punch Valentine Candy Bark

Sweet and creamy white chocolate meets its perfect match with a burst of sour flavor. An easy-to-make, delightfully colorful treat to really punch up your valentine snack game!
Sour Punch Snowflake Cookies with Sour Punch Arctic Straws Candy

Sour Punch Snowflake Cookies

Winter bliss takes on a whole new meaning with these delightful Sugar Cookies featuring Sour Punch Arctic Straws.