Crayon Candle Craft inspired by Torie & Howard Organic Candies

Crayon Candle Craft

Colorful, creative, aesthetically pleasing, and FUN to make! This cool crayon craft is inspired by the vibrant colors of our Torie & Howard Organic Candy packaging.
Easter Garland Craft from the Torie & Howard Organic Candy brand

Easter Garland Craft

Looking for a fun way to enhance your Easter season? Gather your besties or kiddos and dive into this Easter Garland Craft featuring super cute carrots and bunnies (and Torie & Howard organic candy)!
Lei Craft with Torie & Howard Organic Candies

Lei Craft

Oh hey, check out this candy lei! This lei craft is simple, beautiful, and even edible. Grab the supplies you need and have a blast creating with your friends or kiddos!
Vegetable Garden Craft inspired by Torie & Howard Chewie Fruities Organic Candy

Vegetable Garden Craft

Celebrate “Plant a Vegetable Garden Day” with this craft from Torie & Howard! Gather your kiddos, friends, and supplies, and prepare for a veggie-tastic time.