Sour Punch Everyday Recipes

Sour Punch Funnel Cake Recipe

Sour Punch Funnel Cake Recipe

This recipe puts the "fun" in Funnel Cake! Gather your ingredients and prepare for a spunky springtime indulgence featuring SOUR PUNCH Easter Bites.
Sour Punch Candy and Tajín Recipe Kit with Sour Punch Assorted Bites and Tropical Candy Bites

Sour Punch and Tajín® Recipe

Tajín® it like you mean it! In just a few simple steps, create your own unique candy bursting with sweet, savory, and sour flavors
SOUR PUNCH Mini Caramel Apple Pies

Sour Punch Mini Caramel Apple Pies Recipe

Enjoy devouring this apple pie with a sour twist! Learn how to make these sweet and sour Mini Caramel Apple Pies featuring Sour Punch Apple Straws.