Easy Halloween Cupcakes

Impress all your little ghosts and goblins with fun and delicious desserts this Halloween season! We’re excited to reveal a few easy Halloween cupcakes to sink your fangs into. They’re as fun to make as they are to eat, plus they’ll inspire some useful ideas for Halloween candy that doesn’t get devoured. Check out the following Halloween cupcake ideas, then fly to buy your candy supplies!

Halloween Cupcake Ideas: Three easy Halloween cupcakes by American Licorice Company

Sour Punch Witch Finger Cupcake Recipe

Witches and warlocks beware! Decorating cupcakes for Halloween takes finger-licking fun to the next level with these Witch Finger Cupcakes. Just a few ingredients and a bag of Sour Punch Rad Reds Bites are all you need!

Decorating Halloween Cupcakes: Sour Punch Witch Finger Cupcakes with Sour Punch Rad Reds Bites as the Fingers
Red Vines Frankenstein Monster Cupcakes with Red Vines Original Red Licorice Candy

Red Vines Frankenstein Cupcakes Recipe

Monster cupcakes take on a whole new meaning when they’re filled with melty and deliciously ooey gooey Red Vines candy. These cupcakes are easier to piece together than Frankenstein was!


Sour Punch Spider Cupcakes Recipe

Not all spiders are scary (in fact, some are delicious). Featuring Sour Punch Strawberry Straws candy as the spider legs, you’ll definitely want to give these silly and scrumptious Spider Cupcakes a try.

Decorating Cupcakes for Halloween: Sour Punch Spider Cupcakes with Sour Punch Strawberry Straws as the Legs

Halloween dessert ideas

Not a fan of cupcakes but interested in other Halloween dessert ideas? We have you covered! These Halloween themed cookies feature the same fun vibes as our cupcakes, just in cookie form (and with less frosting). However you choose to indulge, we’re just excited to help cast a spell on your taste buds.

Torie & Howard Mummy Cookies with Organic Hard Candies as the Eyeballs

Torie & Howard Mummy Cookies Recipe

Don’t miss out on madly delicious mummy cookies! Featuring Torie & Howard Hard Candies as the mummy’s eyes, these cookies offer a hint of freakishly fruity flavor to savor.


Red Vines Pumpkin Cookie Recipe

Skip the pumpkin pie and dig into a tasty twist on fall treats. This pumpkin sugar cookie recipe can be made from scratch or start with store-bought dough and icing. Whichever way you dare to approach it, prepare to be bewitched by flavor.

Ideas for Halloween Candy: Red Vines Pumpkin Sugar Cookies with Red Vines Halloween Candy

Choose a recipe or two to create for your Halloween festivities, but don’t keep the terrifyingly tasty indulgence to yourself! Give this a share on socials then fly to buy your supplies. Happy baking and happy Halloween!

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