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Find new and creative ways to incorporate your favorite Red Vines, Sour Punch and Torie & Howard candy into delicious, easy to make treats that will impress family, friends & followers

Spring & Easter Recipes

Torie & Howard Bunny Tail Donuts Recipes

Peep the cutest bunny bottom you'll ever see! Boasting all your favorite sweets, like donuts, marshmallows, coconut, and Torie & Howard Organic Hard Candies, this springtime dessert beats all others. Taste our Bunny Tail Donuts for yourself!

Sour Punch Easter Chick Cupcakes Recipe

Cheep cheep! These adorably delectable Easter Chick Cupcakes pack as much flavor as they do cuteness. Featuring Sour Punch Tropical Bites candy pieces as the nose and feet, prepare for a 'lil hint of peachy-sweet goodness.

Red Vines Easter Bunny Chow Recipe

Chow down on this colorful and tasty Easter Bunny Chow mix! Featuring Red Vines Grape Twists as the fruity-sweet finishing touch, your taste buds are in for a super scrumptious spring treat.

Sour Punch Rainbow Cookies

These colorful Rainbow Cookies are like a pot of gold for your taste buds. Featuring an arch of Sour Punch Rainbow Straws over delicious sugar cookies, you truly can’t go wrong with this uplifting springtime treat! 

Red Vines Strawberry Sugar Cookie Bars Recipe

Featuring Red Vines Sugar Free Strawberry Twists, these vibrant Strawberry Sugar Cookie Bars are a beautifully delicious treat for whenever your sweet tooth comes knocking! Perfect for adding a pop of color to your spring treat lineup.

Red Vines Easter Basket Cupcake Recipe

Get a handle on this: Red Vines Easter Basket Cupcakes with Original Red Easter Twists as handles! They’re as cute as they are delicious.

Raspberry Red Vines Whoopie Pies Recipe

Whoopie for Whoopie Pies! Dig in to a vibrant springtime snack featuring flavorful Red Vines Easter Twists.

Sour Punch Bunny Rice Cakes

Introducing a yummy and easy Easter treat that everybunny will love to eat! These Bunny Rice Cakes feature Sour Punch Assorted Bites as the whiskers.

Lemon Raspberry Red Vines Bars Recipe

Sweet, tart, and oh-so-smart for spring! These Lemon Raspberry Bars featuring Red Vines Twists are the perfect addition to any Easter dessert table.

Recipes & Crafts

Red Vines Reindeer Treat Bags Holiday Craft

This Reindeer Treat Bag holiday craft is a fun excuse to gather the elves and enjoy a day of crafting before the holidays. Featuring Red Vines twists as the reindeer nose, be sure to snack merrily along the way!

Sour Punch Advent Calendar Craft

Let the countdown begin! This easy advent calendar craft features Sour Punch Twists as the bright & fruity treat you get to eat throughout the countdown. Happy holidays!

Red Vines Made Simple Coconut Berry Bliss Bites Recipe

A better-for-you, no bake treat made from simple, clean ingredients. Easy to make, even easier to eat them all! Get your boost of delicious berry and coconut flavors.

Sour Punch Funnel Cake Recipe

This recipe puts the "fun" in Funnel Cake! Gather your ingredients and prepare for a spunky springtime indulgence featuring SOUR PUNCH Easter Bites.

Crayon Candle Craft

Colorful, creative, aesthetically pleasing, and FUN to make! This cool crayon craft is inspired by the vibrant colors of our Torie & Howard Organic Candy packaging.

Easter Garland Craft

Looking for a fun way to enhance your Easter season? Gather your besties or kiddos and dive into this Easter Garland Craft featuring super cute carrots and bunnies (and Torie & Howard organic candy)!

Lei Craft

Oh hey, check out this candy lei! This lei craft is simple, beautiful, and even edible. Grab the supplies you need and have a blast creating with your friends or kiddos!