Easy Valentine Desserts

Cupid has some competition when it comes to matchmaking! That’s right, these valentine dessert ideas are the perfect match for your taste buds. Whether you’re looking for a way to spoil yourself with flavor or shower your kin with sweetness, these quick and easy valentine desserts will surely be loved by all. So, pick a fav or two from below, then head to our online store to complete the love story!


Red Vines Cupid's Arrow Brownies Recipe

Valentine brownies have never looked so adorable! With plenty of flavor to match the charm of the decorations, these simple treats are truly a win-win for anyone who has a sweet tooth and also enjoys crafting. Gather your supplies (don’t forget the Red Ropes candy!) and show those taste buds some love.

Make RecipeHeart shaped brownie with a Red Vines Red Rope arrow going through it

Sour Punch Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Recipe

This Chocolate Strawberry Mousse is fluffy as can be (and delicious as can be). The mousse itself is just one piece of the mouthwatering puzzle, with fresh strawberries and Sour Punch Strawberry Bites on top to complete the perfection. Trust us, you’ll never love a mousse as much as this one!

Make RecipeGlass cup of chocolate mousse topped with strawberries and Sour Punch Strawberry Bites

Torie & Howard Cupid’s Crispy Treats Recipe

These valentine rice crispy treats are a truly elevated take on the traditional mallow-y treats we all love. With crushed Torie & Howard Organic Hard Candies folded throughout each heart-shaped snack, you’re in for a fruity-sweet surprise in each bite. We promise, they’re going to warm your heart and woo your taste buds.

Make RecipeHeart shaped rice crispy treats topped with crushed Torie & Howard Hard Candies

We Hope

We hope you loved perusing these recipes as much as we enjoyed crafting them for you, always with your time and taste buds in mind. Head directly to the recipe that made you swoon the most and buy the corresponding candy supplies, or head to our online store to browse a bit. All the best and lots of love! Xoxo

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