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Sour Punch Twists, Individually Wrapped Easter Candy, 9oz Bag

Product description

Easter egg hunts just wouldn't be the same without finding at least one plastic egg with your favorite SOUR PUNCH® Twists nestled inside. The excitement of opening the egg; what flavor will it be? Lemon, Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, or Grape? I hope there's more than one. With about 40 individually wrapped pieces in a bag, there must be! Of course, there is always the option of not running around trying to get the most SOUR PUNCH® filled eggs and just keeping the whole bag hidden for yourself. These two-inch soft, and chewy morsels may be too good to share.

  • Assorted SOUR PUNCH® Easter Twists make for a truly egg-cellent snacking experience
  • Individually wrapped and 3-inches in length, these soft twists are the perfect candy for filling plastic Easter eggs and baskets
  • Taste the fruity tingle of 4 sour candy flavors:  Grape, Lemon, Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry
  • About nine servings per 9oz bag and only 110 calories per serving
  • SOUR PUNCH is a low fat, low sodium, Kosher and Halal certified candy
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