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SOUR PUNCH Bites Fan Favorites, 9oz Bag

Product description

Experience an elite flavor combo with SOUR PUNCH Bites Fan Favorites! Our 9oz bag is packed with your favorite fruity candy flavors, like Grape, Fruit Punch, Tangerine and Lemon. Take a juicy bite and let the sour-sweetness hit like a well-timed pun at the punchline. Guaranteed to tingle your taste buds and satisfy your cravings, you don't want to miss out on this sour snack sensation!
  • Experience the mouthwatering thrill of SOUR PUNCH® Bites® Fan Favorites!
  • Featuring 4 flavor favorites in one bag: Grape, Fruit Punch, Tangerine and Lemon
  • Mix and match your favorite sour candy flavors for a truly unique snacking experience
  • Resealable 9oz bag makes for soft & chewy candy with each bite
  • SOUR PUNCH fruit candy is a low fat, low sodium, Halal & Kosher certified food
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