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SOUR PUNCH Valentine's Day Rad Reds Bites, 9oz Bag

Product description

Indulge in a burst of red candy rejuvenation with Rad Reds Valentine Candy Bites, the perfect treat to sweeten your Valentine's Day! The vibrant hues and lip-puckering flavors are sure to set the mood for a romantic celebration or solo snack session, making each bite a journey through the spectrum of love. So treat yourself or a special someone to a burst of delicious affection with Sour Punch Rad Reds Valentine Bites! Trust us, you'll be smitten.
  • Fall in love with four Rad Red candy flavors, guaranteed to illuminate your taste buds and warm your heart¬†
  • Featured fruity flavors:¬†Strawberry, Watermelon, Cherry, and Raspberry
  • The resealable bag¬†means you can savor¬†the flavor then come back for more later¬†
  • About 9 servings¬†of signature sour candy per bag + only 120 calories per serving
  • SOUR PUNCH Valentine's Day candy is low fat, low sodium, Kosher certified, and Halal certified
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