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Red Vines Grape Licorice Twists, 5oz Tray

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Unleash your fruity side with Red Vines Grape Licorice Twists in a sleek tray! Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth or for sharing with friends, these twists deliver juicy grape flavor and a chewy texture in every bite. Made with top-notch ingredients, Red Vines Grape Licorice Twists are a fun twist on classic licorice. So, why settle for boring snacks when you can elevate your taste buds with this grape-licious treat? Order your tray of Red Vines Grape Licorice Twists now and get ready to taste the difference!

  • Dig in to delicious Grape licorice made by the American Licorice® Company
  • This chewy licorice is perfect for pairing with chips or popcorn for a sweet & salty treat
  • The classic RED VINES® licorice tray is a staple candy pack for the movies, weekends at home, or outdoor adventures
  • Approximately 5 servings in each tray + just 100 calories per serving
  • Grape Vines® are a fat free, low sodium, Halal & Kosher certified candy

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Red Vines Grape Licorice Twists, 5oz Tray