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Unleash the Fun with Super Ropes: Licorice Candy That's Super-Sized and Super-Satisfying!

Remember the thrill of unwinding a 34-inch long Super Ropes candy licorice rope as a kid? That larger-than-life feeling, the endless possibilities for twisting, tying, and devouring? Buckle up, candy adventurers, because Super Ropes are back, and they’re ready to reignite your childhood fun – with over 40 years of experience, of course!


More Than Just Candy, It's a Blast from the Past:

Super Ropes aren’t just candy; they’re a portal to simpler times. Crackle open that red wrapper and inhale the familiar, sweet licorice aroma. With each chewy bite, you’ll be transported back to childhood days spent at carnivals, baseball games, and movie nights. The fun doesn’t stop at eating, though. Super Ropes are an invitation to let your imagination run wild.


Twist it, Tie it, Braid it, Eat it!

The possibilities are endless with Super Ropes!

  • Uncoil the fun: Unfurl that epic length and share the licorice bounty with friends
  • Get crafty: Braid ropes together to create colorful licorice bracelets, belts, or suspenders
  • Channel your inner child: Recreate iconic childhood recess games, like hopscotch or tic-tac-toe
  • Be a rope master: Tie intricate licorice knots to impress your squad

Super Ropes: Knot Your Ordinary Fun!

From playgrounds to lunchboxes, this timeless American rope candy has been fueling fun and flavor for generations.

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Super Ropes: A Classic Treat for All Ages:

No matter your age, Super Ropes are sure to put a smile on your face. They’re the perfect candy for:

  • Nostalgia seekers: Relive the carefree days of childhood with every chewy bite
  • Party animals: Add a playful touch to your next gathering with these vibrant red ropes
  • Snack enthusiasts: Stock your pantry for a satisfying anytime treat that’s as fun to eat as it is delicious
  • Creative minds: Unleash your inner artist and use Super Ropes for your next craft project