Sour Punch
Scorchin' Straws

4.5oz Tray


You know how the saying goes: spice is nice. Or is it?! Find out for yourself with NEW Sour Punch Scorchin' Straws! These daringly delicious candy straws bring the heat and the sweet for a candy encounter like no other.

Consume with Caution: This candy packs a seriously spicy punch. Please proceed with caution and at your own risk. Contains capsaicin.

LEVEL: HOT! 4 out of 5 flames
Red Spicy Watermelon, Green Chili Lime, Orange Fiery Mango, Yellow Piping Pineapple candy straws with sour coating


Each pack holds four fruity-fire flavors that'll have your taste buds dancing with the devil:

  • Spicy Watermelon
  • Chili Lime
  • Fiery Mango
  • Piping Pineapple

Pro tip: have a camera handy to capture the smoke coming out of your ears (and water of course), because they're a scorcher! 🥵

Sour Punch Scorchin' Straws Tray with green, red, orange, and yellow candy straws in front
Back of Sour Punch Scorchin' Straws Tray: TRUE, Kosher, and Halal Certified with nutritional facts
Front of Sour Punch Scorchin' Straws Tray with a Punchie panting and sweating, flames, and a chili pepper
Sour Punch Scorchin' Straws Trays with one open with green, red, yellow, and orange sour coated candy straws inside
Sour Punch Scorchin' Straws packages on a bed of red embers. LEVEL: HOT! 4 out of 5 flames


  • Every straw packs the iconic punch that only Sour Punch can deliver, but this time for a different reason🔥
  • Only YOU know if you can beat the heat after sinking your teeth into these hot-n-sweet treats
  • Picture a volcanic sensation: lip-puckering sour sweetness with a giant kick of scorching heat that builds with each and every bite
  • Luscious flavors meet lava when classic fruit favorites mingle with spice, making Scorchin' Straws twice as nice for daredevils, heat freaks, and curious candy connoisseurs alike
  • Dare to share in the sour heatwave: Order NEW Scorchin' Straws today