Red Vines FAQ Frequently Asked Questions



What do Red Vines taste like?

For some, the taste of Red Vines® candy reminds them of the nostalgic candy of their childhood, and trips to the local candy shop. For others, the Red Vines® flavor is a delicious fruit blend of different berries, a modern take on the original Raspberry Vines developed in the 1950s. To us, Red Vines® candy tastes like heaven.

Why are Red Vines hollow?

Red Vines® licorice twists are made in small batch processes using artisan candy-making techniques that have been a trademark of the Red Vines® candy brand for five generations. As a result, Red Vines® candy has a hollow center to make them soft and chewy. Bonus: you can use them as a straw for your favorite drink. Bite off each end, and there you go! Sustainable AND sweet.  

Why are Red Vines the best?

Truer words have never been spoken, Red Vines® really are the best. It could be because the American Licorice® Company has been making Red Vines® candy with the same original licorice recipes for the last 100 years. It could be the unique soft and chewy texture. It could also be the delicious flavors we make, including Original Red®, the fan-favorite grape flavor, our best black licorice, or new berry flavored Red Vines® Made Simple. Whatever it is, Red Vines® candy truly is the best.

Why are Red Vines so addicting?

Some say Red Vines® candy is the nectar of the gods. And if that’s true, how could they not be addicting?

How long do Red Vines last? 

It is recommended to eat Red Vines® candy within 9 months after they are made. A ‘Best Before Date’ can be found on each package so that you can be sure your candy is fresh.

How do you keep Red Vines fresh?

We’ve made many of our Red Vines® candy packs resealable to keep your candy fresh so you can have some now and save some for later – if there is any (See: “Why are Red Vines addicting??). You can also keep your leftover licorice in an air tight plastic bag to maintain freshness. Some even like their Red Vines® candy a bit on the firm side for a crisper bite. You do you.


What are Red Vines made of?

Red Vines® candy comes in a variety of shapes and flavors, so the specific ingredients for each product will vary. However, most of the Red Vines® products fall into two categories: red licorice and black licorice:

Red Vines® red licorice is made from 5 simple ingredients: corn syrup, wheat flour, citric acid, artificial flavor, red 40.

Our classic black licorice is made with corn syrup, wheat flour, molasses, caramel coloring, licorice extract, salt and anise licorice flavor.

Our new, better-for-you Red Vines® Made Simple berry licorice twists are made with real cane sugar, wheat flour, radish extract (for color), citric extract and natural berry flavor. These twists are Non-GMO and contain no high fructose corn syrup or red dye.

Be sure to check the nutrition label on your packaging if you have any allergies or dietary concerns.

Are Red Vines Vegan?

Yes, Red Vines® are a vegan-friendly candy.

Are Red Vines gluten free?

Unfortunately, Red Vines® are not a gluten free candy because they contain wheat flour.

Are Red Vines licorice?

Only black licorice is truly considered licorice because it contains elements of the licorice plant (licorice extract and anise flavor). Red Vines® are known by candy fans as “licorice” due to the similar taste and texture of a Red Vine to the traditional black licorice candy.

Are Red Vines sugar free?

Red Vines® candy is available in two sugar free varieties: Sugar Free Black Licorice, and Sugar Free Strawberry Licorice. These sugar free candies have the same unique soft and chewy texture and delicious flavor as classic Red Vines®, but without the added sugar. Visit for more information about where to purchase these flavors.

Are Red Vines Kosher?

Yes, all Red Vines® products are Kosher certified. Each package is labeled with the Kosher star.

Are Red Vines keto?

No, Red Vines® candy is not keto.

Are Red Vines dairy free?

Yes, Red Vines® is a dairy free candy.


How many Red Vines come in a pack?

It depends on the pack because our packs are sold by weight. The weight of the twists will vary based on the pack size, so the pack will give you an approximate number of twists. Please see the nutritional panel on the back of the package for the number of servings per pack.

How many Red Vines are in a tub?

For those who like their Red Vines® bulk, we have three different sizes of the iconic candy jar: 3.5LB, 5LB and 5.5LB. The amount of red or black licorice candy in each tub will vary, so just check the nutritional information on the side for the size per serving, and number of servings per tub.

What stores sell Red Vines?

You can find Red Vines® in a variety of different stores. To find the nearest store that carries your favorite Red Vines® candy, please go to .

Don't feel like going anywhere? Order online at

Where can I buy Red Vines in the UK, Australia or Canada?

Red Vines® candy is available in the UK at Costco. It is not normally available in Australia or Canada, although there might be some smaller retailers that import Red Vines® and re-sell it. Keep your eye on to see if Red Vines® will expand sales into your area in the future.

Where can I buy Red Vines Made Simple?

You can use the product locator at to see where Red Vines® Made Simple may be sold at a store near you. If there isn’t a location close to you, you can always order your Red Vines® Made Simple online at