Aprati Candy

Why Aprati™?

Did you know "Aprati" was derived from the ancient Sanskrit term meaning "Irresistible"? We believe that Aprati™ Candy delivers irresistibly delicious flavors and you will feel the same after one taste. Our fruit-flavored Frutati and café-inspired Mocati blends are not only unique and delicious but are also inspired and sourced from our supplier in Cambodia who shares our passion, values, and vision.

Be Fearless. Be Curious.
Live Your Purpose with Passion.


Mocati Coffee Hard Candy 4oz Bag, 3 pack

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Your morning latte or mid-afternoon shot of espresso is the sweet reward that helps you get through a long work day. Now you can enjoy this well-deserved indulgence any time of day with café-inspired Mocati hard candy.

Frutati Assorted Fruit Hard Candy 4oz Bag, 3 pack

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You like a little adventure, especially when it comes to food. Indulge your adventurous palate with the unique flavor blends of Frutati assorted fruit flavored hard candy.