Snaps Candy


When were Snaps® first released?

Snaps® brand candy was introduced in the 1930’s by American Licorice Company. The idea was to provide the consumer with a tasty, good value treat during the hard economic times of the Great Depression.

What are the flavors of Snaps®?

Each pack of Snaps® candy contains a vibrant medley of flavors, where a spectrum of four captivating colors harmoniously coats classic black licorice. The Pink Flavor is embodied by a charming pink hue, while the White Flavor captivates in a white shade. Tantalizing your taste buds, the orange and green colors deliver the delightful essence of Banana Flavor, making each bite a sensorial journey.

When did Snaps® stop being sold year-round?

Snaps® experienced a substantial decline in sales during the early 2000s, ultimately leading to a hiatus in 2009. Responding to the passionate pleas of its fans, the American Licorice Company has consistently strived to revive Snaps®, occasionally bringing them back for limited-time production runs.

Will Snaps® be available this fall?

No, American Licorice Company’s marketing and innovation teams have made the decision to halt production of Snaps® at this time.

Will Snaps® ever come back?

Hopefully! However, American Licorice Company’s marketing and innovation teams have made the decision to halt production of Snaps® for the foreseeable future.

If Snaps® candy makes a return, it will be communicated through announcements on our websites, social media platforms, and via email to those who either sign up below or have previously subscribed to our Snaps® newsletter.

Original SNAPS Brand Classic Chewy Candy

Thank you for the many years of sweet SNAPS memories!

SNAPS are not currently being produced