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Sour Punch Trees Assorted Flavors
Sour Punch Trees Assorted Flavors (Red Package)
Sour Punch Trees 18-Pack Box
Sour Punch Trees (Back of Package)
Sour Punch Tress candy
Sour Punch Trees 2.5oz Pouch
Sour Punch Trees 2.5oz Pouch
Sour Punch Trees 2.5oz Pouch

Sour Punch Trees 2.5oz Pouch

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What better way to celebrate the holidays than with Sour Punch Trees? Embrace your punch this season with fun and festive sour candy.

  • Each package contains 18 individual packs of sour candy
  • Share a pack of soft & chewy trees while you keep warm this season
  • Create your own holiday treats with this sour tree shaped candy


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  • Enjoy a vibrant holiday season with delicious Sour Punch ® Trees in Cherry and Lime flavors
  • Mix and match these mouthwatering red and green candy trees to celebrate this exciting season
  • Spread festive cheer to your family and friends with special to-from gift tag packaging
  • These soft & chewy candy trees make the perfect stocking stuffers, classroom gifts, or holiday party giveaways
  • Enjoy this sweet & sour candy while decorating your tree, wrapping gifts, or watching your favorite holiday movies
  • Single item dimensions:  5" x 1" x 4"
  • 18 count pack dimensions:  5" x 10.6" x 3.3"