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Sour Punch Cherry Straws 2oz Tray
2oz Sour Punch Cherry Straws
Sour Punch Cherry Straws 2oz Tray

Sour Punch Cherry Straws 2oz Tray

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  • Enjoy 2oz of Sour Punch® Straws in Cherry fruit flavor.
  • Snack smart with these these low fat, low sodium, kosher-certified candies.
  • Sour Punch® Straws are a crowd-favorite among sour candy fans and will always satisfy a sweet & sour craving!
  • Delicious Sour Punch® candy is also available in snack size bites.

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    • Grab a pack of these soft and chewy candy straws bursting with Cherry flavor for an afternoon snack at the park, office, or during errands.
    • Our classic tray packaging contains 2 ounces of Cherry flavored Sour Punch® Straws
    • The American Licorice Company has proudly made Sour Punch® for over two decades, starting with classic straws
    • Skip the snacking guilt with these low fat, low sodium, Kosher-certified candies
    • Sip your favorite beverage through these sugar-coated straws for slurps that pack a power punch!