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RED VINES Red Ropes, 14oz Bag
Red Vines California Collection Red and Black Licorice Assortment, 26 Ounce Bag, Nutrition & Ingredients Image

RED VINES Red Ropes, 14oz Bag

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  • California Collection® contains 7 classic RED VINES licorice pieces
  • Black licorice pieces made with licorice plant extract & anise flavor
  • Red licorice pieces made with classic RED VINES Original Red flavor 
  • Includes black & Original Red® twists, red bars, black & red bites, Super Ropes® & super strings®
  • Approximately 24 servings (72 pieces) in each big bag of candy
  • Perfect pairing for salty snacks like chips, popcorn or trail mix
  • RED VINES candy is always fat free and Kosher certified
  • Available in single or 6-pack quantities of 26oz bags 

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    • RED VINES California Collection® contains 7 red and black licorice pieces that highlight the rich history of RED VINES candy
    • RED VINES black uses licorice extract & anise flavor derived from the licorice plant, and the Original Red® flavor is used in all red licorice pieces
    • Each 26oz bag contains Original Red® & black licorice twists, red bars, black & red bites, Super Ropes ® and super strings® 
    • The California Collection® variety pack offers something for everyone to enjoy, whether at home or the office
    • Resealable packaging keeps this soft & chewy candy fresh and makes a great addition to other pantry snacks
    • The American Licorice ® Company is family owned & operated and has manufactured RED VINES candy for five generations
    • Since RED VINES candy is always fat free and Kosher certified, feel free to smile while taking a bite!
    • Single item dimensions: 9" x 12.8" x 5" 
    • 6-pack dimensions: 13.9" x 12.9" x 8.5"