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Sour Punch Twists Easter 10oz Bag
Sour Punch Easter Twists
Sour Punch Easter Twists with raw candy
Sour Punch Easter Twists raw candy
Sour Punch Easter Twists Lemon Flavor
Sour Punch Easter Twists Fruit Punch Flavor
Sour Punch Easter Twists Berry Lemonade Flavor
Sour Punch Easter Twists Mixed Berry Flavor
Sour Punch Easter Twists Flavor candy
Sour Punch Twists Easter 12-Pack

SOUR PUNCH Easter Twists, 10oz Bag

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Sour Punch® Easter Twists are the perfect sour Easter treat.  These pre-wrapped twist will be the best surprise in any Easter egg hunt. Each tasty twist fits perfectly inside a plastic egg, and your sour candy lovers will be all smiles when they indulge in this super fun candy 

  • 12-pack dimensions: 15.9" x 11.7" x 8.4"

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  • Description
  • Nutrition Facts
  • Ingredients
  • Yummy sweet & sour candy twists just in time for Easter
  • Sour Punch® Twists come in four fun Spring flavors: Berry Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Mixed Berry & Lemon
  • Each twist is coated in mouth-watering sour sugar
  • Each 10oz bag contains 45 wrapped Sour Punch® twists
  • Delicious wrapped twists are the perfect fit for plastic Easter eggs
  • Sour Punch® candy is always low fat, low sodium & Kosher certified