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Sour Punch Chicks & Bunnies Easter Candy, 2.5oz Caddy

SOUR PUNCH Chicks & Bunnies Easter Candy, 2.5oz Caddy

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Sour Punch® Chicks & Bunnies are a fun and delicious addition to any Easter basket, dessert table or Easter egg hunt. Each small candy pouch fits perfectly inside a plastic egg, and your little hunters will be all smiles when they discover these adorable Chicks & Bunnies!

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  • Description
  • Nutrition Facts
  • Ingredients
    • Chewy, sweet & sour Easter candy in fun chicks and bunnies shapes
    • Delicious mix of lemon-flavored chicks and watermelon flavored bunnies
    • Each shape is covered with mouth-watering sour sugar
    • Single-serve 0.6oz  pouches are the perfect size for Easter eggs
    • Sour Punch® candy is always low fat, low sodium & Kosher certified